Over the last 12 months, our apps have been downloaded more than 50M times, our search traffic increased 55%, we became the #2 search engine on mobile in U.S., Canada, Australia The Netherlands & other countries, and our estimated user count doubled to between 70-100 Million users.

pretty cool! This shows that people will switch to better privacy solutions if they have clear branding and are easy to use. I wish there was an open-source and decentralized alternative to ddg


I wish there was an open-source and decentralized alternative to ddg

I think searx would fit that definition. is FOSS, self hostable, and in my experience (of 2 days searching with it xD ) its results are better than ddg.

there’s also a tutorial about choosing a random instance for each search here. the only problem is that some instances don’t function well. so you might need to search again.


SearX is not a search engine, but rather a meta-search engine, that aggregates search results from multiple engines, but stripping identifiable data from the query. It supports all popular search engines, including DuckDuckGo.


I mean ddg is also mostly Bing results, and when bing’s policy changes it affects ddg, so searx can kinda be similar?


You can switch DDG and Bing off, if you don’t want their results. It’s pretty easy to do, configurable via first-party cookies.


You could also use the Privacy Redirect extension, which amongst other things can redirect your search engine to more private ones. In particular it has various instances of Searx, and rotates randomly among them



If you want to use the main instance, pay for it but is is fully FLOSS (client and server side).

Own indexing and also acts as a metasearch engine.

They also have https://gitlab.com/infinitysearch/infinity-decentralized

Another one, MetaGer, is likely the same run by a non-profit. However, main instance just acts as a metasearch engine.


sorry but DDG has terrible search results comparing to Google. and i am still sticking with them just to support.

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