“although methodology is undeniably the backbone of qualitative and responsible research, science consistently undervalues methodology.”


I agree with the quote, maybe because I somehow personally like methodological questions more than studying nature itself, but we need to do all this fighting for quality because the publish-or-perish system does not reward quality, but quantity.

We assert that a top-down action is needed from journals, universities,
funders and governments to break the cycle and put methodology first.

I assert that the people on the top should help us destroy the destructive micro-managing publish-or-perish system, so that scientists can do science they way they think contributes most to science. They are the experts.

These actions should involve the widespread adoption of registered
reports, balanced research funding between innovative, incremental and
methodological research projects, full recognition and demystification
of peer review, mandatory statistical review of reports, adherence to
reporting guidelines, and investment in methodological education and

Good suggestions.

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