Let me introduce a really cool fantasy novel:

“A Wizard of Earthsea” is about magic, its power and its sources.

The main character is Ged, who is told about, starting from his childhood until he rises to power.

It is narrated vividly. The description of the magical school and the diverse sources of magic is entertaining.

Greetings Peter

D. Moonfire

One of my favorite books and inspiration for my own writing. I love the entire series.

Also, it is interesting to see Le Guin’s comments about Ged not being white and how all the movies insisted on making him white. Overall, I got the impression she disliked almost every visual representation of the novel (the anime and the miniseries).


I am a book fan, not so much a movie fan. So I’m often disappointed by movies if I have read the related book before. For example I found the Lord of the Rings movie dull and boring. (Other people have assured me those movies were really great.) So I can understand if an book author is disappointed by a movie following his/her book. Michael Ende is another example of an author being very disappointed about the “Endless story” movie.


Agreed. And Le Guin’s subdued writing style is a welcome contrast to most fantasy, so I’d recommend diving into all of her works if you like this one.


Yes, additionally I’ve read so far “The Tombs of Atuan” and “The Farthest Shore” and I loved them both. You are right, I should read on. For example “Tehanu”.

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