Hi ! Perhaps someone can let me know how to move the ogg metadata for a bunch of ogg files, gotten from ripping several CDs, but using freedb gathered metadata, to musicbrainz gathered metadata.

The thing is that I found several mistaken metadata (I haven’t even looked at all of it), and ripping CDs take quite a while, as to think of re-ripping that. BTW, I understand musicbrainz also add composer to the metadata, which is by far pretty useful, since most of the CDs I ripped are classical music CDs…

Hopefully a recursive command line tool can be used (going one ogg at a time can take forever)…

Thanks !


Have you tried MusicBrainz Picard?

If I understand right, you ripped a bunch of CDs using FreeDB but now want to use the MusicBrainz tags? Picard should be able to do that in bulk.


Yes, you described it correctly. I’ll take a look at Picard. Thanks !

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