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It’s open source, doesn’t track you, and looks nice and runs great/better than OsmAnd. It’s still a bit early in development however but it’s worth trying out for sure. It gets the maps from OpenStreetMap (more info below).

Other alternatives (that use OSM):

OsmAnd, github - The bigger Android OSM client, it's way more powerful but also more complex and runs worse. (Totally free as in beer on f-droid)
Quant Maps, github - Decent replacement for the Google Maps website, works fine on your phones browser. It can run like crap if you use the anti-fingerprinting stuff in Firefox though..

The map data is based on OpenStreetmap which means it’s often better than google maps but still inevitably will be missing some stuff depending on where you live, however you can add/edit stuff directly in the app which will help all the projects that uses OSM.

Another way to fix data is to visit and make friendly notes on the map by right clicking it where stuff is missing or out of date without an account, then mappers can use the info you give them and fix it. You can also register and change stuff yourself in your browser, it’s very easy to just add a pizza place for example, just remember to not copy stuff from google maps.

Another fantastic Android app for helping OSM is StreetComplete. It lets you add more info to OSM by completing quests that involves collecting info. It requires an account to actually submit the answers but you can try it without registering.

It’s a great app if you take a lot of walks/trips and get bored and want to do something productive while doing it. It’s also a really solid app.

Warning, editing OSM can get fun and addicting, there is a support group here: /r/openstreetmap .

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OsmAnd on mobile is on fdroid

yes i still prefer fdroid osmand


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Michael Mc Donnell

I tried it for directions the other day and it is not ready yet. We missed our exit because it did not give good enough directions. It needs to show the next exit number in the top left and the voice directions should tell you which exit to take and ahead of time. If those things get fixed then I probably could use it instead of Google maps.

What is libre culture?

Libre culture is all about empowering people. While the general philosophy stems greatly from the free software movement, libre culture is much broader and encompasses other aspects of culture such as music, movies, food, technology, etc.

Some beliefs include but aren’t limited to:

  • That copyright should expire after a certain period of time.
  • That knowledge should be available to people, not locked away.
  • That no entity should have unjust control or possession of others.
  • That mass surveillance is about mass control, not justice.
  • That we can all band together to help liberate each other.

Check out this link for more.


I’ve looked into the ways other forums handle rules, and I’ve distilled their policies down into two simple ideas.

  • Please show common courtesy: Let’s make this community one that people want to be a part of.

  • Please keep posts generally on topic

  • No NSFW content

  • When sharing a Libre project, please include the name of its license in the title. For example: “Project name and summary (GPL-3.0)”

Libre culture is a very very broad topic, and while it’s perfectly okay for a conversation to stray, I do ask that we keep things generally on topic.

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