Rant + negative comments, but perhaps still good to share here, as food for thought or for your information.

Lack of official client - disagree. Is there an official web client? Well, google probably think there is. Microsoft also think there is. Apple is certain there is.

I do dislike the links on a separate line. I suppose if I were to invent Gemini I would have been tempted on markdown. I can see the problems with it, but it would allow some very simple styling.

And as for the privacy, it feels like nobody sees this in the same way as me. Laws to prevent tracking and surveillance can never work. It’s in a capitalist country’s best interest to allow it, and even if I could live somewhere that had legal protections that I thought were reasonable, the internet is global.


I don’t, per se, disagree with this post, but I think I have come to different conclusions.

Gemini is not a protocol that is ever going to (nor does it intend to) supplant the web. But it also doesn’t intend to. It’s a cool little protocol to play around with. Building clients and servers.

Establishing standards, both de facto and documented. Collaborating with like-minded folks around the world. Creating content and experiences within a unique set of constraints.

One of the major issues with tech is that we by and large continue to forget the last and spend a lot of time learning and relearning the same lessons, going in circles.

Gemini is a fun experiment in remembering, reliving, and learning from the past.


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Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

Is heavier than gopher
Is lighter than the web
Will not replace either
Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
Takes user privacy very seriously
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