Verfassungsschutz und Bundespolizei: Bundestag beschließt Staatstrojaner für Geheimdienste und vor Straftaten
Der Bundestag hat das Gesetz zur Änderung des Verfassungsschutzrechts angenommen. Es erlaubt allen Geheimdiensten die "Quellen-TKÜ plus", den Staatstrojaner zum Auslesen von Endgeräten. Was die Große Koalition als Sicherheitsgewinn feiert, schafft neue Sicherheitsrisiken und ist möglicherweise verfassungswidrig.

Article in German. Use your favorite translators. Excerpt, translated :

The Bundestag has adopted the two state Trojan laws. The new constitutional protection law allows all secret services the “sources-TKÜ plus”. What the grand coalition celebrates as a security gain creates new security risks and may be unconstitutional. Yesterday, the Bundestag adopted the law on the amendment of the constitutional protection law with a majority of 355 votes from the CDU/CSU and SPD. It allows all 19 intelligence agencies to hack devices such as smartphones or computers with state Trojans. All opposition parties have previously strongly criticized the law and voted against it. From the roll call vote result it becomes clear that five members of the SPD parliamentary group also voted against the law, three abstained. 34 deputies of the ruling parties did not vote.


The real question is, what have the citizen to say about it ?

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