it feels sort of liberated using nothing but decentralized social networks. knowing that I’m being watched all the time and now I’ve just given up using them.

I want to contribute the most I can to the fediverse, Do I still have to upload things on corporate social media to do that?


For me things were a little different since I never used mainstream social media like Facebook,Instagram and so on. When I noticed Mastodon a few years ago, around the time of the first influx of angry Twitter users, I got very excited about it. Then projects like Pleroma, Pixelfed, Funkwhale and others appeared, very cool. Meanwhile millions of users joined Fediverse. Fediverse has become imho a pleasant hiding place for lots of likewise minded people, with a huge variety of users (geeks, artists,LGBTQ+,scholars,photographers). I don’t think it makes much sense to try to persuade people to join Fediverse unless one notices that they are really interested in it. A few things, that pop up now, one can do to support Fediverse :

  • Donations
  • Help with translations in software or sites
  • Help people to self host their own instances (For example with Yunohost)
  • Help with corrections or updates in documentation
  • Join conversations about the improvement of ActivityPub protocol
  • Become a moderator on instances that need it
  • Write howtos for people who are just joining
  • Write blog stories about your Fediverse experience
  • Promote open source apps (Pixeldroid,Fedilab etc.) when other people want to use Fediverse

I don’t think it makes much sense to try to persuade people to join Fediverse unless one notices that they are really interested in it.

Much on point. I guess instead of persuading people. we just have to tell them what fediverse is (e.g making a video on it) and let them do what they want with that information. whether they join or not is up to their choosing.


You can join feneas, that’s basically their mission and they said they want help.

The rest really depends on your skills and what you do best (or estimate you will do best).


Run your own (invite only?) public instance. The Fediverse has a scaling problem in regards to content moderation, and that can IMHO really only be solved by having a lot of smaller instances.


There first needs to be content before people will want to use the platforms as their main driver.

Help get more content on the platform whether that be by uploading your own, creating an instance for specific niche, or scouting out small creators on social media and convincing them to mirror their content to the Fediverse.


But I do have a few good small creators that I want to ask to come over. Mirroring their content can be good but if they’re mirroring and not interacting at all, It can make a toxic wasteland on the fediverse. Some youtuber that has been in the fediverse has stated this problem of “inactive-mirrored users”.


Good point. This reminds me of people on Mastodon who only point to their Twitter posts, often without much or clear excerpts or titles, probably just because they want to get their message out or get more exposure, gain more readers etc, understandable but a nuisance nevertheless. Long time ago I started to filter those Twitter entries (learned from others doing the same), much better for my reading and my inner peace.


you mean content variety? There’s loads of content out there which is mostly tech and political stuff, especially on peertube. Most people would find it appealing to come over if they see content their interested in, whether it be vlogs, commentary, science stuff, music, gaming, art, etc. or you know, the normal content.

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