In a previous post, I wrote about a new set of technologies “Privacy Preserving Advertising”, which are intended to allow for advertising without compr


It especially annoys me that Google markets this as some sort of idea for a perfect world, when in reality it will get born into a world of existing tracking and fingerprinting.

Unless we turn most webstandards on their heads (we won’t), the result of FLoC will simply be that more information is leaked on users that are just as identifiable as before.

Dreeg Ocedam


Third party cookies are not the only tool used for tracking. You can already block them and very few sites will break. If a company really wants to track you without third party cookies they will end up using cname cloaking or even just proxying the requests to the tracker’s server via their own domain.

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Privacy has become a very important issue in modern society, with companies and governments constantly abusing their power, more and more people are waking up to the importance of digital privacy.

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