Open Collective

Make your community sustainable. Collect and spend money transparently.

I am of course aware of Liberapay (and Patreon).

I remember reading some criticism of the Open Collective platform before, but I can’t quite remember the details.

Anyone has a good take on the pro and cons?


15% of the host-fee seems quite steep :(


Its not bad, but its overly complicated compared to liberapay. The idea of writing expense reports for open source devs needing to pay rent and buy groceries is just silly.


To be exact, I want always to know where goes the money I donate. Even if it is for that.

As a Veganism, Free Software and Security advocate I care about it a lot.


Leave them some privacy. Just because they’re open source devs doesn’t mean they have to tell you where they spend your money. It’s a donation after all, not funding.


Has nothing to do at all with being “open source dev” but with ethics.

It is the same I require to donate to the food bank here since they don’t accept direct donations of material and only money.

Edited: If I had the opportunity to donate something specific I would do. Believe me.


Would like to know as well. I’d like to do donations via them. If found Liberapay not that easy to use but managed to donate, Open Collective looks like more to read. Haven’t signed up yet. I’d like them to succeed looking at the projects they already have on board. btw This does like a bug or am I missing something ?


You should contact them and ask why they’re using cloudflare insights (it’s analytics), and cloudflare at all.


Good idea, but I prefer to stay a little bit anonymous on the big wild Internet. If someone else wants to email them :

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