Welcome one, welcome all to the battle of macOS-inspired Linux distributions! Who will be the victor in winning over disgruntled Apple users?

In this corner, hailing from Wuhan, China and weighing in at 2.8 GB, we have Deepin! Here’s hoping Deepin becomes the other thing Wuhan is famous for.

In this corner, hailing from the US and weighing in at 1.49 GB, we have elementaryOS! Want to give it a whirl, but can’t find the download button? That’s because it’s pay-what-you-want. Elementary!

And finally, in this corner, coming from, uh… nowhere in particular and weighing in at 1.74 GB zipped, we have Manjaro Cutefish Edition! Based on the very unfortunately named JingOS, it comes with all the bells and whistles and hopefully none of the national extremism.

Place your bets, place your bets!


This comment deserves all the upvotes in the world. As for me I’m betting on Elementary!


I’m betting on elementaryOS too, they’re doing great work without directly copying everything about macOS.


Haha that was good! I am all for mac os style distros. It is good eye candy to attract mac fans :D


CutefishOS looks Chinese as well : https://cutefishos.com/about Their team url points to a gov.cn subdomain.

I think that’s a good thing because it means it’s probably targeting normal people since the country is moving towards less reliance on things like windows.


Ooh, a local rivalry! Of sorts.


Neat, I guess. I always wondered how many people use systems like this in transitioning to Linux or if that many users just really like Windows and OS X clones.

I’ve been using linux for long enough that I’m entrenched in the traditional desktops and window managers.


This seems like a slight redesign of the new Deepin, right?


Looks rather Plasma Mobile based to me, but not sure.

ghost nomad

It was previously called CyberOS btw.


Cyberos was arch based , its suddenly removed website without any announcement

ghost nomad

I went to CyberOS website a couple of weeks ago and it pointed to this, so I thought it had changed its name, but it seems they are basedon Manjaro now.

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