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Conjugating the verb partir in present tense and personal pronouns
How to conjugate the verb Partir in present tense in Spanish and the Spanish personal pronouns

I’ve never imagined myself teaching Spanish but look at this


Native spanish speaker here. Partir, in some regions, like mine, is also used as ROMPER (Break). Se me partió el vaso. I broke my glass. The explanaition is ok but please improve a little but the editing so the pacing would be better, you can get a lot of editing tutorials. Also you can use some most common ussage verbs, not mani people say “Partir” as in leaving, most people just say: “Me voy” “Se fue” “Se Fueron” “Ya se fue” Etc. I like that you wanna teach spanish, keep going.


Spanish is a beautiful language and millions of people speak it, so can be difficult for someone how is learning Spanish (non Spanish Speaker) understand all our language variants, at this point the best is a formal and basic language than advence one


Yeah, spanish is complicated

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