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Because the UK royally fucked up their quarantine measures and a lot of Brits no longer trust what their government says on how safe it is.

Better World News

    Current world news for liberal-minded people.

    You might wonder why there is it’s own community for liberal news and how it is necessary when we have the !worldnews sublemmy.

    Click here to read about why this group exists.

    To make this a usefull and a positive environment we ask you:

    • to post links to actual news-sources

    • to be respectful, honest and argue in good faith

    • to not join if you are at odds with this community

    While being a liberal minded group we don’t allow these following transgressions:

    • posting NSFW content.
    • partaking in harassment, bigotry, hate-speech, Racism or other types of toxic behaviour.
    • posting questionable news-sources that push conspiracies or propaganda. Any news-source that rate Low or Very low on could be defined as questionable sources.

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