Reddit still denying Tor Users - No Communication Allowed

As a follow up to my first post, it seems Reddit is now further denying Tor users from using the site.

I made a new account a week ago over Tor, using a disposable email service (which may have raised the flag). I made three posts on separate, popular subreddits. None of the posts showed up.

What’s further now, is that I messaged mods to get approved, but I never got a reply… It makes me think Reddit is now outright blocking any attempts at communicating on the site, whether to people directly or subreddits.

Finally, after logging in again later, Reddit blocked my account and forced me to reset the account password to continue using the account. I could login through without needing a forced reset.

It should be mentioned that from my research, older accounts I have made through Tor don’t seem to get the same flagging.

Thus, your options now truly seem to use non-blacklisted VPNs, or go plain home IP; alternatively, focus your energy improving and contributing to Lemmy and other services like, the Fediverse, or your own websites and forums!

if you need/want to browse reddit for some reason you can use teddit or libreddit. both have no javascript or ads and make all requests through the backend. libreddit also has active onion instances.


This is a good recommendation. I used teddit a lot but libreddit is new to me :)

There’s also the Redirector extension to redirect based on regex patterns and I think I had a user script for redirection usable in Violentmonkey. If I find it again, I’ll post it here.




Email is optional on reddit, at least on desktop.

Reddit, besides a few subreddits, is largely run by people we will not like. And thus I have focused my energy on improving Lemmy in the past year, and keeping it safe from harmful actors, trolls and ones who create rift amongst people and so on.

There are some actors trying to harm Lemmy as well (you might see 1-2 downvotes on this comment).


Yeah, you’re the infallible white knight and all people opposing you are “harmful actors, trolls and ones who create rift amongst people and so on”.

Please become self aware at some point.

You have not been constructive in any of your comments.

You can be assured that I will use my 2 decades of internet usage and forum experiences to help Lemmy, as it grows from its infancy, away from ending at the same fate other reddit clones end at.


lol that escalated quickly


Why haven’t you helped the other ‘reddit clones’?

Because they are all mostly neo Nazi cesspools with “free speech” and no moderation, and admins and mods here give a shit about not letting bigotry or neo nazis fester.

Also coincidentally I only got extra free time to help during this COVID pandemic.


Ok, how do you want to make Lemmy better? How do you keep it safe?

By spreading awareness against people creating rift in communities, by making people aware of any bigots, by making aware of people calling others XYZ (eg. white knight) for wanting better forum ethics and so on.

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