Is there any good books about Socialism?

General question. I mainly want to understand more about it. you can recommend me any interesting reading related to socialism.


Here you can find all the classics: Karl Marx is not so easy to read, Engels is better, I myself like Trotsky very much (esp. (“The Revolution Betrayed”) Chomsky is more modern. A starter is always “The Communist Manifesto” of Karl Marx:


A neat starting point is Engel’s Socialism: Utopian and Scientific in order to see how Marx and Engels’ conception of socialism differs from previous utopian conceptions of socialism, mainly that theirs is scientific. Also, Lenin’s The State and Revolution is a must-read in order to be able to catch Kautskyist, opportunist, distorted interpretations of Marx and see what Marx really meant.

I’ve also found that Stalin’s Anarchism or Socialism? and his interview with H.G. Wells do a really good job at explaining the flaws with liberalism.

It also wouldn’t hurt to read Politzer’s Elementary Principles of Philosophy in order to get a better understanding of the underlying philosophy of Marxism: dialectical materialism. It also serves as an easy criticism of metaphysics and idealism.

For a compiled study guide with lots of books that will teach you more about communism, refer to Dessaline’s Marxism Study Plan.

Blackshirts and reds by Michael Parenti

“Socialism…Seriously” by Danny Katch is an extremely readable introductory book that I recommend to anyone who is new to the concepts of Socialism (this may not be you, but it’s still a damn good and accessible read).

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