The Communist Workers Front (Organizing Committee) is proud to announce our First National Conference for workers across Canada this summer! This Conference is being held after months of struggle a…

Fringe gonzalo group that positions all Maoist formations in the country as revisionist. Nothing of value here.

oh that’s unfortunate

This whole thing is weird as hell. These Maoists are talking about a split between two parties that I didn’t even know existed until moments ago. They are delivering heavy polemics against what I can only imagine to be a very small group of people. Ultras being ultras, I guess.


Is a protracted people’s war really the best revolutionary tactic in Canada of all places?

RED Vulpix

Is this affiliated with the Communist Party of Canada at all? Or is it another independent communist org?


This is a fringe group which used the RSM as a recruiting ground. Its not associated with the CPC, its a group which i believe was expulsed from the rcp.

No, they are certainly not. They seem to be Maoists who uphold Gonzalo thought. That’s what they say here, anyway.

not sure actually

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