Ryanair passenger plane makes emergency landing in Berlin after bomb threat

A Ryanair passenger plane made an emergency landing in Berlin before resuming its journey to Poland, German police said late Sunday without releasing further details.

Where have I heard this story before? Sanctions on Germany when?


which passangers were captured by german LEA? you see the difference?


I guarantee you, if there was someone on the plane with an outstanding arrest warrant, they would definitely have been arrested. By the way, did you know that Germany is not allowed to issue European arrest warrants? Its because the public prosecutors are not independent. So they have a good reason to arrest someone this way instead.


but there were non. protasevich was on plane that was forced to land in belarus. it was not coincidence, it was planned hijack. no one was arrested in germany.

see the diff?


it was planned hijack

Yes thats what the western media claims, but so far I havent seen any proof (except for “Belarus is an evil dictatorship”).


yes thats what eastern media claims.

you havent seen proof, cause you think that western media are biased and russian media are honest. do you know that 4 russians was in a plane when it took off but left a plane in belarus?

let me guess - you have never lived in a country rulled by russians? you should go to russia or belarus and spend there few years.


So to summarize, you believe the western media and I believe the eastern media. Which is legitimate because there is currently no solid proof for either perspective.

I know that additional people left the plane, as far as I know they had booked flights to Minsk with transit in Latvia, so of course there was no reason for them to fly back and forth to the same place.

I have never lived in Russia or Belarus, but I would definitely like to. Unfortunately I dont speak the language, and my personal situation doesnt allow it.


why half ways? go to north korea. or is it just western, biased media? 😃


You really think its that easy to get a residence permit? As far as I know DPRK has their borders completely closed since the start of the pandemic, so its not even possible to visit.

By the way if you love the free market so much, why dont you move to Somalia?


its nothing to do with economics. its about liberty. north korea is totalitarian state, where the one who benefit are politician.

i live in a country which was occupied by the commies. trust me - even leftists didnt like how commies ruled my country.

usa and russia are very much alike, in some sense.


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