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Western hegemony in discourse

When the US and its allies have realized that they cannot bully China into submission through a trade war and military pressure, and failed in the competition with China in the performance of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, they have selected the battleground of public opinion, where they still have clear advantages due to the long-existing media hegemony owned by the West, said Chinese experts.

Although Chinese people, media and diplomats always pay efforts to introduce the truth and refute the lies, their voices are hardly heard since the West is controlling almost all major international media platforms, and this is how the media hegemony works when the West wants to crack down on its competitors, said Zheng.

The West is using its hegemonic advantage in the battleground of public opinion to launch stigmatization against China and forge a negative narrative of China. This has damaged the external public opinion environment for China’s development. So in order to realize the national rejuvenation, China must solve this problem, experts said.

Xi said multilateralism must be promoted while unilateralism and hegemony should be opposed to guide the international community to jointly shape a more just and equitable international order and forge a new type of international relations.

This is not only a smart tactic, but its the correct moral one. The US through states openly, and through its actions, that it does not tolerate peer competitors, and that the rest of the world should remain its vassals. Now China is openly talking with other countries primarily in the global south and asking them why that needs to be the case, that they no longer need to be afraid of criticizing US hegemony, and that the world can and should be a multi-lateral one with countries on an equal footing.

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