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yet another reason to use f-droid :D

Probably because the app was developed hastily. It’s not a very good app, sluggish and has many features that don’t work properly.

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I’d really like to disagree… but I can’t. Sadly the nextcloud app works but it’s not a good software. The basic functionality is OK and sync work well, but everything else is slow and sometimes frustrating

I also wish it was good. I have used it on very old and terribly slow phones. The picture sync always was a little bit unreliable, even with turning battery settings off etc.

But on a very modern phone I have the same problem! Everything else is blazing fast here but the freaking nextcloud app behaves the same. Also through the years it didn’t get any improvements, which reminds me of something that someone said about Nextcloud:

Nextcloud are cool people and all, but they often take the ideas of their community and don’t implement them further, so many of the nextcloud server apps are unreliable and also don’t work properly and don’t improve over the years. I am close to give up on nextcloud, it hasn’t even improved its main features through the years, just gotten nextcloud talk and such…

Maybe it’s easier for small or large business to use nextcloud, with proper employees caring for the server and fixing all the issues and most of the apps disabled anyways.

It’s not like Nextcloud sucks, it’s incredible. But I think now after writing this that I should try if Seafile works as a lightweight and more reliable alternative for me.

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GhostCloud is a nice alternative. I guess it is also available for Android.

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