India News: Twitter on Thursday accused the government of "dangerous overreach that is inconsistent with open, democratic principles", and alleged that it has be

Government of India response

Delhi Police Response

Some background on Congress Toolkit

From Delhi Police’s statement, “Delhi police registered preliminary inquiry at the complaint filed by the representative of the Indian National Congress. Hence, efforts by Twitter that portray it as an FIR filed at the behest of the Government of India is wholly and completely incorrect.

Twitter declared that the toolkit was ‘Manipulated Media’, this clearly shows that it was acquainted with the facts of the case & had material information relevant to the probe. Hence, Twitter was asked to join the inquiry to provide the information it possesses”


Major allegations made by India against Twitter

  • Wrong geo-location data of UT of Ladakh, at a time when India-China were engaged in a bilateral dialogue. Twitter took several days even after repeated reminders to take note of the blatant disrespect towards the India’s senstivity and territorial integrity.

  • Twitter’s biased stance when we compare its behaviour/actions against the perpetrators of violence at the Capitol Hill in USA and unlawful attack on Red Fort of Delhi. Twitter refused to take prompt actions, while aiding and amplifying the trends of fake propaganda of ‘genocide’ which made already tensed situation worse. Later it chose to comply but partially when already damage was done.

  • Twitter’s lack of responsbility has lead to agenda driven posts against India and Indians by the bad actors ( few intances like when pakistan backed accounts trended propaganda trying to create rift with ME countries, recent Israel-Palestine events from my side ), twitter’s lack of action lead to vaccine hesitancy and among all of these twitter has been inactive or totally passive.

  • Discriminatory behaviour against Indians and People of India when twitter didn’t comply and take action against the malicious tagging of B 1.617 mutant as ‘Indian variant’, despite WHO’s guidelines. Twitter has taken no action regarding fake narratives harming the People of India


The goverment believes these platforms have a “dangerous overreach that is inconsistent with open, Democratic principles”. Yeah and the democratic principles are never obeyed by you, BJP. You are fascistic in your various showings of the past 3-4 years, specifically, and your followers are most interested on Koo in genociding minorities. Should I tell about your viraat sanatanis on Telegram groups?

  • Farmers se kisne beat ki?
  • Shaheen bagh mein kaun baat krne gaya?
  • Who is building a personal grand palace when thousands die everyday in the midst of a pandemic?
  • Who fueled Delhi riots?
  • Whose channels show a literal VFX created rocket bombing of Madina in Israel (Sudarshan News)?
  • Whose channels berated the 9000 Jamaat Muslims for 2 months during first wave while praising the 7 million Kumbh devotees during second wave?
  • Who ran media trials on the Rhea Sushant story for 4 months to keep the masses diverted?
  • Who said to stand in the middle of any square if demonetisation failed, and jailed opposition leaders upon asking for it?
  • Who played the ₹15 lakh jumla openly?
  • Who is justifying the CAA NRC bills and building concentration camps for Bangaldesh immigrants?

So many wrongs, but sab changa si, kyunki Ambani Adani ko prosper karna hai aur 2024 100th RSS anniversary par Hindu Caliphate declare karna hai.


Please stay on topic.

I am very much on topic. The problem is not isolated but stems from an attitude that was involved in the above issues as well.

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