Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake announced by Square Enix at 35th anniversary livestream, uses same engine as Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy.


I have the first 3 games on my GBC. I wanted to play back through them but wished for a modern update. Next thing i knew we had those awful cell phone looking ports from last year. Yuck.

Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick with the versions on the GBC.

Now THIS is more like it. I absolutely cannot wait!!!


Are GBC versions better? I have the rom of 1 & 2 on SNES right now. Which one is better?


I have not played the SNES versions so I can’t say for sure.

When the trilogy released on the GBC however, they spruced up the graphics a bit (compared to the NES) gave the games a solid re-translation, and rebalanced them.

The SNES versions certainly look better than the GBC, but I’m not sure if they were rebalanced like the GBC versions.

The rebalancing was a big thing for me. I like to grind levels, but the original was ludicrous. The GBC versions just didn’t feel as drawn out.

Honestly, if you played the SNES versions and liked them, there is probably not a huge reason to play the GBC versions.



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