A place for articles, discussions and questions about psychology – the science of mind and behavior. It is a multidisciplinary field, covering behavioral, cognitive, developmental, educational, neuro-biological, personality, and social studies (and more!).


  1. Do not take or give direct medical advice in your posts or comments.
  2. Absolutely no bigotry, hate speech or discrimination. That includes (but is not limited to) ableism, antisemitism, islamophobia, queer*- and LGBTQIA*-phobia, racism, and sexism.
  3. Keep discussions in good faith and be respectful.
  4. Posts should be related to academic, applied or clinical psychology in some way.
  5. Titles should be relevant to the content and not misleading.
  6. Do not post links to your own surveys, spam or self-help tips/videos.

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