My wife has been gardening, just with the 2x8m or so on the one side of the house and a bit of the front yard. We had more tomatoes, zucchini and butternut than we could eat (there is a limited amount of zucchini you can eat in a week, believe me) - and we are a family of five.

Especially the butternut was amazing. It spread between the bushes in the front yard as a flowering ground cover, we even got comments from the neighbors.

One thing that is missing in the $50 is all the infrastructure: tools, posts, twine, etc and especially water. We live in a dry part of the country and vegetables can be thirsty!


This is my first year growing a vegetable garden and I have been surprised by how productive it is. Lots of spinach, mustard, gai lan, kale so far.

I would like to add berries next year. Super market berries don’t compare to freshly picked seasonal ones.

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