What is Going on with Movie Posters?

What is Going on with Movie Posters? Anthony takes the time to discuss why movie posters look worse than they used to. Modern movie posters just seem to lack the magic and creativity that old movie posters had. There was an art and elegance to the posters for movies like Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones, Halloween, Alien, Gremlins, Jaws, Harry Potter, and movies like that. Posters for modern movies just seem to be bad photoshop jobs that use the same composition and process that others are using, but each one is executing it worse than the last. I feel very passionately about this subject and would like to see some change be made. I don’t know if I will see that change, but it would be nice. Marvel posters like Infinity War, Endgame, Thor: Ragnarok, and Even some of the posters for Ant-Man first class are pretty good still, I just feel like they don’t match up with the creativity and craft that you would see in a poster by somebody like Drew Struzan. I’m worried that streaming services might end movie posters, but who knows, right? Thank you for watching my video and reading all of this garbage too. I’m sorry this video is uploaded late, I kept getting some weird glitching effect whenever I would render it. Music: Fan Naming - Mother 3 Registration - Big Brain Academy Secret of the Forest - Chrono Trigger Don Resetti’s Theme - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Lavender Town - Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Nook’s Cranny - Animal Crossing: City Folk Inside a House - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Ganondorf Battle - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 1 PM - Animal Crossing: City Folk Apple Kid’s Theme - Earthbound Submission Plaza Theme - Check Mii Out Channel Funky Monkey Dance/Open Sesame! - Mother 3 Harry Potter Theme - Harry Potter (John Williams) Halloween Theme - Halloween (John Carpenter) Race Win - Mario Kart DS Race Lose - Mario Kart DS Butter Building - Kirby’s Adventure Love Theme - Mother 3 Avengers Theme - Marvel’s The Avengers (Alan Silvestri)

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