Sega CD is one of the greatest systems in retro gaming. They took the already amazing foundation and buffed it further while bringing the benefits of CDs with it, only if more devs made actual games for it instead of FMV junk -_-

What are your favorite games for this system? I really love Terminator myself, Sonic CD too. Shining Force CD is another amazing one, also Final Fight CD and Bari-Arm. What are your favorites?


I love the Sega CD. All of the games you mentioned are fantastic.

I’m suprised you mentioned Bari-Arm. That game has almost always been overlooked and its a true hidden gem.

It really feels like the developers wanted to make Thunder Force for the Sega CD but didnt have the license. Elements like the vertically high play area. How its divided into sections where you have the ‘ground’, ‘middle’, or ‘sky’, area really call back to the Thunder Force games.

It doesn’t do a whole lot new, it just took what works and then refined and polished it. Great graphics, level design and gameplay coupled with an outstanding soundtrack.

I have had this game since around 1995 and still find myself returning to it.


Yes Bari-Arm is amazing, I discovered it back when I was looking for Sega CD games to play on my phone. It was an old device and had very little storage so I was looking for small stuff, Bari-Arm popped up. All though I never got that far in it, I love what I have played, music is absolutely outstanding. Tommorow I should finish it, I love everything it has to offer!

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