I just wanted to share that. Einstein liked communism but wasn’t a supporter of a violent revolution.


Of course Stephen would support anything fully automated, have you seen the guy?


Not recently tbh


He died


Id make the point that just because someone is insanely great at math, doesn’t mean they are good at predicting the behaviors and effects on productivity, etc. that socialism (or any other economic system) would have.

Side note: the official name for Naziism has “socialist” in the title: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Party

Please dont downvote the crap out of me.

Educate yourself before you try to own the commies. I’ve read your comments. You have no idea about anything related to socialism or capitalism.

This is tiring. You’re not the first person who thinks they got it all figured out and the godless commies are just stupid and don’t know what they’re doing. We have 200 years of theory (and counting) behind us. What authoritative books have you read that informed your views on capitalism? Jordan Peterson? The guy who was absolutely obliterated by Slavoj Zizek out of all people, when he clearly showed he had not read a single page of the manifesto? Lmao.

You are right though that “just because” Einstein was great at math, it didn’t make him a great socialist. He was after all not a proponent of violent revolution, and that was a shortcoming of his, though probably informed about his work on the atom bomb.

US Democratic party has democracy in its name.

Here, go to shrekland.net where they literally CANT down-vote your garbage takes. Seems more your speed.

Here, go to shrekland.net where they literally CANT down-vote your garbage takes.

except they’d be banned instead…? lmao.

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