Building the Future: What History Can Teach Us About Infrastructure Investment

Our modern society is built upon massively complex supply chains, and underpinning much of what makes that possible are equally massive, fundamental infrastructures. And yet, despite the importance of these systems, whenever they’re brought up, much of the population balks at the price tag, deeming them too costly to be worth the effort. But is that really the case? There’s lots of great examples to show that, despite their high initial investment cost, the return from these infrastructure investments is often much higher than the cost itself. Thanks for watching “Building the Future: What History Can Teach Us About Infrastructure Investment”, a Smartyflix production made exclusively for TILvids is an ad-free edutainment video community. Consider checking out the website at, or join us on Reddit at If you enjoy, spread the word, or consider donating! CREDITS Plains by Billow Observatory is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Icons made by Smashicons, Freepik, photo3idea_studio, Nikita Golubev, and srip from INFORMATION SOURCES - Erie Canal Costs: - Interstate Highway System Prices: - Paul Volcker, Inflation, and Technology: - Timeline of Computers:

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