Seems like there are some behind the scenes issues at Freenode IRC right now. But for now no need to panic.


Looks like the resignations became official now. For those looking to migrate: is great for self-hosting IRC.


This doesn’t sound good…

I really appreciate the efforts putting this together but probably better to wait for something “official”. After reading the logs a bit I also tend more to “sympathise” with the volunteer staff side but still can’t help feeling something is missing there…

The freenode network is a very important part of OS project’s infrastructure and major disruptions to it will have negative effects at least in the short run. So of course I hope all this gets solved somehow without much disruption…but if that isn’t possible I hope at least for enough warning time in advance to allow projects to make an informed decision on where to move their channels. And for me as “simple” user personally for someone telling me if and when I have to change my login defaults to a new network ;).


I also have no insight (but personally think less centralization would do IRC good), but it is a bit suspicious that the current financial supporters are only mentioned in passing and that there are no real details on their relationship with the “volunteers”. Probably FUD, but it might just be a disagreement between different funders on how to better exploit the network and users…

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