“What is this person’s ideal end state?”

12 million people living a happy and free live


Seems like he is a proponent of the two state solution, which is not a viable solution seeing that Israel doesn’t want it.


You mean the current hardliner government doesn’t want it.

You can of course argue that the small fragmented parts of Gaza and the Westbank can not really be a viable independent state, but that is an entirely different argument.


The existence of Israel is founded on displacing Palestinians from Palestine. The current hardliner government is just a flavour of this truth. You can have a liberal leaning ruling party and they would still remove Palestinians and encroach upon their land. This is how it has been since settlers started moving to there and it is just what Zionism is. That has always been the point of Israel, an non-secular ethnostate. This why is the two state solution is bunk.

If you want Palestinians to not be robbed off their homes then there can be no Israel. There can be a secular state that treats Palestinians and Jewish settlers with equity. But the existence of Israel means that Palestine will not exist. It is an irreconcilable contradiction.


I agree with you on the historical roots and ultimate goals of Zionism, but saying that there “can be no Isreal” is not helpful.

Today, “Isreal” is just the name of the state that exists in that particular geograpic area. Further muddleing it with religion and ethnicity just plays into the hands of the hardliners on both sides.

and also not to mention the weaker side of palestine, except there’s such a strong threat from coalition to force Israel away.

Maybe, other than religion doctrine nothing can make this happen


Maybe, other than religion doctrine nothing can make this happen

Sorry but I don’t know what you mean by this.

I agree with the coalition aspect. I don’t know if it will drive Israel away but it has the power to restore at least some dignity to Palestinian people.

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