The men crouched inside the cave, their faces streaked with dust, occasionally flinching involuntarily at the explosions overhead, which seemed to shake the entire mountain.

Great job by CNN turning the US detaining and torturing people without charges in Gitmo into an anti-China hit piece.

the spin US media does is just phenomenal

For real the fuck did I just read?


Its zenz again, unsurprisingly. The article States that its essentally a paraphrase of a china watcher named Sean Roberts book on how the CCP is trying to eradicate Uyghurs and islam:

One of the reviewers States that the book uses zenz , the Jamestown foundation, radio free asia, and the world Uyghur Congress as its main sources.

CNN just citing zenz again but once removed.

I love how all western reporting ultimately traces back to zenz

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