Lemmy is amazing!

I am new to Lemmy and felt the need to just say how amazing it is!!!

it is very amazing >< glad to be here


Thanks, good to have you here!

I know, right? I’ve been here for 4 months now and this place is so much more friendly than Reddit.

Welcome. Now you are a Lemmur, and this is a small happy jungle.


Welcome to one of the last digital sanctuaries on the web ;)

Lemmy is the only good Reddit alternative. It’s the only one that isn’t just a safe harbor for right-wing nonsense.


tildes.net is also pretty nice (with some interesting features).

Welcome and enjoy your time here! :D




Yeah, it’s so cool both in theory and practice! I’m really excited to see how it develops as it grows


Lol who the fuck downvoted this?


Since the influx from Reddit some time ago, there are notorious downvoters on board. The only thing they seem to do is downvote posts and downvote comments about technology. I am actually in favor of disabling downvoting in the server settings. If there is spam, people can report it. If an article is really bad, people can write a comment. If an article is out of order, mods can delete it. I see no reason to have downvoting enabled.


At least it doesn’t work the same way it does on reddit. Downvoted comments don’t get sent all the way to the bottom of the thread.

Downvoting itself is fine. But yes there seem to be some saltpiles hanging around and downvoting everything.

Welcome and glad you are here!


Hell yeah!

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