What the hell am I even reading. The general understanding of the situation there, of what’s going on, what has been going on for more than 50 years, is absolutely braindead. Even some pro-Palestine people seem to only have a vague understanding of the genocidal settler-colonial project that Zionism is. This isn’t really something problematic. Just wanted to point this out first.

The rest is just absolute garbage. I am 100% sure discussions on these topics on mainstream social media are astroturfed at least to some extent. There is a fair share of people calling Hamas terrorist. But the biggest stumbling block is the […] moderate.

I have seen people blaming the conflict on religion. Like the war is two hoards of religious zealots fighting over scriptural differences. It is very clear that the number of people of who are historically illiterate about the history of colonialism and imperialism over the past two centuries is dangerously high. This problem is intentionally manufactured by the media. If you read the coverage in mainstream outlets it leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least.

Sorry for the incoherent rant. I usually don’t get hung up on social media but it struck a chord this time.


I think it’s pure white-settler sympathy. IIRC Settlers talked about white US settlers supporting white Boer settlers in South Africa during their war. They just think they’re entitled to absolutely everything, wherever they go.

Reddit is 95% bot mi6 and US troll farms

Back in 2013 the “most addicted city” was Eglin airbase

Those are not real people and you should stop viewing the mainstream social media sites as being populated with actual people and instead with predominately American troll farns trying to manipulate public opinion


deleted by creator

Reddit is used to spread propaganda and manufacture consent. It will always side with the Imperialist narrative.


Its sad that reddit is so trivial to manipulate. All it takes is a few pro-US mods of all the main subs removing anything before it gets too much traction, and a few early upvotes from paid police, ops like Earnest Voice, and pro-US zealots to get any imperialist propo on the front page.


I find it very strange that a country created largely by those who escaped the holocaust, go on to create a holocaust of their own.


It is pretty strange. Even Einstein and some other Jewish academics wrote a letter to the new york times calling the irgun ( the main zionist miltia ) akin to the nazis in their organization and tactics.


Well, as far as I know, it wasn’t created by those who escaped necessarily. It was a European project created because European nations couldn’t stand the influx of Jews from the holocaust in their nations, because most of them were just as antisemitic as the nazis themselves. So they made a settler state to kick our people out of Europe under the guise of “giving you a homeland after the holocaust”.

Thank the gods my ancestors escaped before the holocaust and came to America and I don’t have to be embroiled in this conflict.


Agree, the both-sidesing on reddit and twitter these past few days has been sickening. I’d thought originally that it would be less than before that time last year the israeli snipers killed a ton of people at the great march of return, but I ventured out into the reddit mains and yep, its as bad as its ever been.

These liberals and moderates would be calling a cease-fire between slaves and slavemasters to make themselves seem magnanimous.


One think I have been thinking is that since Israel is a cyber-fascist state and a leader in surveillance tech, it is plausible that they heavily astroturf these websites. BJP has an IT cell which runs troll farms and the BJP government has bought surveillance from Israel to jail alleged Maoists without evidence or trial. I am sure they are inspired by Israel in this department. Maybe even got the methodology and technology from them or someone else like that.

Isn’t it funny that IRL, there are massive demonstrations and reddit is mostly reactionary trash?

Your comment actually made me stop and think. I think you’ve said it all about Reddit.

people are pieces of shit

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