I live un Europe does this work here too? There is no mention of a legal context so I assume it’s an US thing?


In the website and the github repo, it states “CCPA” so it immediately insinuates that it is mainly for California users.

I tried this despite never having set foot in the U.S., and it was 0.01% successful, I managed to have my data deleted in sites like people-search services. Most claimed that they could not find me in their databases, other companies responded that I did not live in the US, hence they couldn’t proceed with the request (they could probably tell because of my IP address) and a few requested more data than the ones I provided.

I wonder if these companies couldn’t be bothered to delete emails sent through PrivacyBot that leak pretty much everything, from email metadata to the contents of the emails themselves…


I understand how it work but the need to disclose private information in order to delete them is /weird/ (for lack of better word).

I’m sure a better system could be created but that would require legal framework.


I agree, there should be some level of transparency as well to see if data brokers and regular companies actually carried out with the request instead of having to trust their word for it. Also, I don’t recall explaining how PrivacyBot works, just the aftermath of using the service…


Only works with gmail. This needs some sendmail support.

(Sidenote: I do realize that it is weird that a command line tool has become the defacto email sending API)


Author mentioned on HN that they might add SMTP support.

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