Do all of System76’s laptops have coreboot?(specifically the Pangolin and yes I know that they arent on stock rn)


From this article:

However, it doesn’t look like Coreboot will make an appearance in Pangolin. I’m still waiting for confirmation from System76 on that front.

[UPDATE: Jeremy Soller says “Coreboot on AMD has a long way to go before it can be used in a product.”]

So it looks like no.


Thanks for the answer


No problem. By the way I own a Pangolin and a Meerkat so I can try and answer things for you.


My older Gaze10 doesn’t 😜 Luckily it did get a UEFI upgrade allowing me to disable Intel ME, so that’s cool.

Only newer models are supported by coreboot and even then not all of them. I recommend looking up each laptop you are interested in.

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