I posted a meme to c/memes the other day. It got like 6 upvotes and then later disappeared. If it got removed by the mods then whatever but I thought it would still show up in my post history just marked as removed.


It’s in the mod log. Dessalines removed it with the stated reason “No Dave Rubin.”


I had no idea that was an offense lol. It also was a fake tweet.

yeah, weird


Hey, as far as I know, you can see the modlog for yourself. Find your post (currently a fifth from the top), see the reason for removal and possibly discuss with the participating mod the reason to better understand what has gone wrong and what to avoid in future posts. I do not think you can see the post in your post history, but this is a way to see the original post plus some additional info about the removal, if necessary. (Just my 2c, I have no official standing in this.)

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