Just send an email to their public diplomacy service or press services if they have one, and ask them if it’s possible to get all three books delivered. They’ll be happy to know you’re interested.

Your embassy will be located in the capital of your country, you have to contact the Chinese embassy obviously, and they speak your local language.

Is there a specific way one should ask? It’s seems a bit awkward to do it out-of-the-blue.

Personally I just said that I heard they had this offer (didn’t mention prices though) and that I’d like to get volumes 2 and 3 if possible, and they replied the next day saying thanks for your interest in China and the writings of President Xi, asked my adress, and said they would send them my way.

If they have the offer they already expect people to get it, so don’t worry about asking haha

Update: I just got my two copies, of volumes 2 and 3. For free. Volume 3 is only in Chinese and English for now though, if that’s important to you.

I’m gonna send them an email to thank them.

I tried it with the email found at the bottom of this page. Probably couldn’t have failed any more spectacularly.

Oof lol. They have another email on this page: http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/sgxx/lxwm/, for media inquiry.

Just to follow up on this. I sent an email to this one as well, and I have not yet received a response.

Do you think I could call them instead? I’m not very good with emails, and I have no idea how to write a formal email.

Probably, but you don’t even need to be very formal. Just say you heard about the offer and that you would like to get all three books, thank them for their time, sign your email and send it.

Oh I had no idea! I’ll try that where I’m at.

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