I like browsing all rather than local or subscribed because then I see posts from new communities I wasn’t previously aware of. But there are some communities I know I am never going to be interested in, I would like to filter these out.

In other words I prefer to use Lemmy by opting-out of communities I don’t want to see rather than opting-in.

This is how I (would) like to use Reddit for example, although it doesn’t really work there as they limit you to a max of 100 filtered communities.



https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/426 seems to be the open issue for this. Other things took priority before federation but now /c/all is becoming unwieldy so it might be good to take another look.


How desperate are you? I’ve made a quick and dirty tampermonkey script to filter unwanted communities from the home feed in one click.


I just click the ‘[Y]’ next to the community name and it will filter that /c/ out forever more. It really should be server side though.

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