what should i do with my life

life under capitalism is boring and i do not have to go to work or school what should i do with my life


Check with your local socialist and communist organizations for any open jobs. If they don’t have anything open maybe they can point you somewhere that treats its workers fairly.

lots of trolls here @muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml. May be time to implement a report system lol.


I got em.

If you are bored then joina good marxist organisation and start building the material conditions to progress your society beyond capitalism


whatever you want.
you could become a parent.
you could be a hedonist.
you could enrich your mind with knowledge and philosophy.
you could dedicate it to resisting capitalism if it’s something that you are good at.

Sounds like you need to get a job or start studying. Why do you blame capitalism when you aren’t even participating in it?

Because capitalism makes it easy to participate in it, right? (Please disregard unemployment and homelessness stats)


There are 500,000 homeless (.2% of population) in the US compared to nearly 20,000,000 millionaires.

And about 40,000,000 living below the poverty line but go off. Maybe one day if you have enough moxie you’ll get to be a millionaire. Preferably before your 80th birthday, that would be nice.

Edit: way to miss the point too lmao. Are you white by chance? You sound white af.


Just homeless people doesn’t account for all of the millions of people that are disadvantaged by the ecemomic system


It is impossible not to live in it because it is the society we live in the western world.


who tf blames the economic system for their boredom lmao


The economic system of capitalism puts profits over more creative and ‘liberal’ pursuits. Thanks to its design of the current education system people are taught to not value creativity as much and that money is more important than going for what you are interested in. Also the ecenomic system has created advertising, mass media and sensational television which all influence you to act differently from who you are and distract you for a lot of your day which depleats your time, leaving you with less time to do what you actually want to and kills your creativity. So yes capitalism is a legitimate cause of boredom


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