Which AUR helper would you recommend to use ?

It’s been a while since I wanted to use something from AUR. Not being able to install an AUR helper from pacman is the first crossroad. (edit : I see that Manjaro has octopi, yay, trizen in community packages, but Arch does not have them ?)


I’m using trizen. IDK how the other helpers do things, but when there’s an update from the official repo, trizen seems to be passing the task to pacman automatically which is the reason I like it. Recently, after having some PGP keys problem, someone told me to try yay and that it supposedly imports keys automatically but it didn’t, so I uninstalled it.

yay is pretty good, but my choice in the end is paru, strictly because it prompts you to check the PKGBUILD out of the box, it’s a habit that I needed to build and it helped me with that


I am a fan of yay (yet another yogurt), for the most part it will replace pacman as well as install AUR packages, and supports Yogurt style searches.


I second this.


I used to use yay, but now I use paru

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