anti_consumerism is a community for discussing and critiquing the consumerist society we live in. The community uses an anti-capitalist lens to reflect on our own patterns of perpetuating capitalist values in our own lives and discuss alternatives.

Kill the capitalist in your head.


  • Strict adherence to’s CoC.
  • No debating or concern trolling capitalist arguments. There are other places you can do that. Our discussion starts with a presumption that capitalism is inherently unethical.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not anti-capitalist alternatives to consumerism.
  • No “holier than thou” attitudes. We can’t judge others needs/ability to survive the material reality of capitalism. Inspiring someone to consume less is more important than shaming some dude’s Funko Pop collection.

Ideas for Content

  • Articles and essays critiquing consumerism.
  • Instructions to repair or DIY goods instead of buying them.
  • Alternatives to consumerism (gift economies, mutual aid, libraries, sharing, etc)
  • Self reflection on consumerist habits and personal growth in moving away from consumerism.
  • Propaganda and memes that inspire people to consume less.
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