A question about the lemmur UI

On home screen, when a post is clicked, the floating action button moves to the right side of the screen and becomes a message button. How did you achieve that effect on flutter? Is it the hero widget? I have been trying to achieve the same effect on a flutter project without success. I appreciate if you could give me a heads up. Thanks in advance. And great job with lemmur really, I’m following the project closely and have been learning a lot from it.

The FAB has a hero widget attached to it automatically thanks to Scaffold, so if both of your pages have a scaffold and use Scaffold.floatingActionButton and Scaffold.floatingActionButtonLocation everything should just magically work

I’m following the project closely and have been learning a lot from it

I am happy to hear! I am flattered, but don’t take everything we do as the way it should be done, I mean the state management to be exact. At the beginning we opted to use hooks for everything but now we see that flutter_hooks are not as flexible as react hooks so we are planning to move to some more maintainable state management lib.

Feel free to ask any other questions :)

Actually, we invite people to use github discussions for dev questions: https://github.com/krawieck/lemmur/discussions


Thanks a lot for the info mate. And also being so welcoming and open!


Try asking directly to the devs, maybe you will get a faster answer


Thanks mate, I’ll try to add the solution here so it might be helpful to the others…

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