The company I work for sells a medical device that transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone app that is then pushed to a database. For some of our customers they request that we provide phones with our app pre-installed that have most features locked down so that only the a select few apps are able to run (to prevent people using them for reasons other than the medical device data). We use Knox Manage, mobile device management software that is installed on all Samsung devices to configure the restrictions.

With this installed we can perform updates on the phone remotely, check the location, and disable the device as well as other things. I know Linux phones are still in their early stages but has anyone heard of similar admin software like this?


You can search for “kiosk mode” apps. They are made to lock down the phone in various way. I’m not aware of specific open source apps but these keywordsay help you.


Thanks! I will look into that!

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