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COVID-19 is a reminder that pandemics are one of the greatest existential threats to humanity. And we know the current one won’t be the last.

In this talk, immunology experts Arup K. Chakraborty and Andrey S. Shaw explore how viruses emerge to cause pandemics, how our immune system combats them, and how diagnostic tests, vaccines, and antiviral therapies work — concepts that provide the foundation for our public health policies.

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Arup K. Chakraborty is Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Physics and Chemistry at MIT, where he also served as the Founding Director of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science. He is a founding member of the Ragon Institute.

Andrey S. Shaw is Staff Scientist in Immunology and Oncology at Genentech and holds adjunct professorships at Washington University in St. Louis and at the University of California, San Francisco.

This talk was recorded on 15th February 2021

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