Forensically, free online photo forensics tools

Forensically is a set of free tools for digital image forensics. It includes clone detection, error level analysis, meta data extraction and more.

Forensically offers online all the necessary tools to analyze and discover photos that were retouched or falsified.

This is open source: http://www.getghiro.org/


Not so clean at all with a nice tracker.

Same as in Forensically


Instead of thinking like that, open them an issue and report it.

Some people could accept perfectly to change tactics for what they ask.

In the other situation, maintain focus in a replacement which respect people’s rights.


Ghiro is obviously an excellent application, for which I thank you, for those who continually need it for this purpose, but I don’t know if it is worth filling the HD in general with apps that are only needed very occasionally. Also I suppose everyone uses an ad and trackerblocker in the browser. I also prefer OSS applications but in first line good and thrustworth apps. Besides, it is quite possible that Forensically (which is at least 10 years old), is a product of the same developers, in view of the very similar functions of Ghiro.


As a SysAdmin student I must tell that most apps for the same use share features sometimes because are considered part of the “basic set” which every app of that kind must include.

An example are most Archivers. Most of which are frontends for the real implementations of every format or algorithm in most cases.

However, there are cases like OpenVAS which was a fork of the FLOSS version of Nessus before this last closed the app.


I know, include Photoshop include functions which was developed from the creator of GIMP. (resampling), today include online editors, like Lunapic include this (Remove and inpaint). Whenever is possible I use OpenSource apps, but in first line I’m interested in the Privacy Policy and TOS of a soft (I think I am between the few which read this) and for this I know that not all OpenSource is sinonym of privacy, also proprietary soft can have better condicions, f.Exmpl. this one is faultless (Freeware-proprietary SaaS) https://www.ssuitesoft.com/privacypolicy.htm Highly recommended online tools, by the way (Html5)

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