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If we talk about anti-bot measures, we still find the system, especially these terrible re-captchas, although Captchas in general are quite obsolete, since current bots solve them easier than the user himself. The best proof is this OpenSource extension for browsers, which is essentially a bot that solves the re-Captchas in a few seconds, simply by clicking on the icon that appears in the re-Captcha window, even the auditory one with its voice recognition. The latter can even be extended with a small desktop client that offers us this extension.


I wonder what other mechanisms could be put in place to keep the bots at bay 🤔 anyone know of any alternatives to re-captcha and similar anti-bot software? It would be super-cool if it was privacy respecting as well 😀


There are several methods. One is the Honeypot method, there is also a very simple one to avoid spammers and bots, it is simply to wait an hour or more, before sending the confirmation email, since spammers and bots use disposable emails that are not valid for that long, It is quite an efficient method.


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