A privacy first mobile OS /e/ and an ethical smartphone device Fairphone. Here’s the experience of using the combination of these two.

I respect the goal of /e/ to provide an out-of-the-box alternative to major corporate platforms, but IMO /e/ and its consequences have been a disaster for the free software movement.

Notably, they promote the absurd notion of “privacy-respecting proprietary software” which leads people to think proprietary apps are equivalent to libre apps as long as they are “privacy respecting” or you restrict their internet access. Their endorsement of a certain proprietary map app has lead to people promoting (and even shilling) that map app in free software communities because it is “privacy focused.”

They also promote the equally absurd notion of being “degoogled with microG,” which still uses Google for push notifications, which are opt-in, but are going to be turned on by 99% of users, because they need them for their proprietary apps.

Just use LineageOS, or better yet (if you are able to) a non-Android Linux OS.


Graphene gang


Tried /e/ a while back on an S6, back then it was dodgy as hell, probably is OK now.

Now I run GrapheneOS. Its fine gets the job done - still don’t like the Android way of going about stuff. iOS, Android, various Linux OSes are all utter crap in their own respective ways.

It all sucks


Sadly not available for my Xiaomi Mi 9t


You can use LOS and microg, just need to put a little more effort into create your own system, but the result are similar. You will need to change the time server, disable captive portal login and be careful about DNS server, but it’s not hard and you can find every resources easily

Do not remiss! This is essentially just rebranded LineageOS with MicroG, which is available for your device.


Rebranded and with shit. Like the propietary maps app.

Better is just use LineageOS4microG as you suggests.


In my opinion it is really great to be able to buy a pre-installed phone with a LineageOS based OS on it. That makes things so much easier for non-geeks. And after all flashing a custom ROM is not for the faint of heart, soft bricks or hard bricks can happen. I also appreciate the fact that E Foundation does sell refurbished phones, and the brand new Fairphone is a cool choice when it comes to replacing parts like the battery. The more people who are able to switch to de-googled devices the more of a change can happen. After buying from /e/ you are still free to flash LineageOS, Omnirom,Ubuntu Touch and so on :)


I use to buy second-hand phones directly already but it is true that they sell the phones with something different already and promote using second-hand phones.

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