I imagine that you all use an Adblocker to surf the network, for example uBlock Origin, which is quite efficient, but for an exhaustive protection against all the tracking methods used in the network it is certainly not enough. An excellent complement, which covers the holes left by the adblocker, can therefore be this extension (OpenSource), which protects against all kinds of fingerprinting and others. (There is a Pro version, but this only has differences in adding some secondary settings)


Although I am not going to detract from this excellent extension, I have been somewhat surprised that, although it has the source code available on github, it is proprietary soft with copyright. Specified in the license, see “Copyright AbsoluteDouble 2018 - 2020 - All rights reserved”

Which is a bit strange and does not justify the OpenSource designation as such. Anyway I’m not going to remove it from the browser for this.

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