Think you own your stuff? Think again.

Everything from your fridge to your tractor can change without your permission.


I love how every single thing capitalists told people would happen under communism has actually come true under capitalism.

I find this image really cute, how they are brainwashing the white blonde hair kid. Reminds me of something… err never mind :D

Yes, the “great reset”.

Where you own nothing and rent everthing from the communists. You think that communists oppose rent and SaaS? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. They’re comming for your toothbrush.


Here’s a compilation of sources on the idea fron the World Economic Forum and commentary on the root of the hysteria from someone who’s not a nutjob. (Link:

I wanted to reply but my phone gave me a warning for anti-corporate wrongthink. I need to update to Platinum to be able to say whatever I want (within the Terms)

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"Fine, now it’s not grand aristocratic families, it’s Silicon Valley Big Tech companies,” he says. “But it’s an identical system in terms of one person giving a right to another giving it to another giving it to another, who eventually hands on a little bit of it to you. And if anybody above you doesn’t like it, or you don’t use it the way they tell you, the whole thing goes away.”

Thats an interesting way to look at it, and the comparison to feudalism isnt one I had thought of before. I found myself buying more movies during the pandemic than I ever had in the past - with no movie theaters open I valued the experience, and bought accordingly. I also didnt like feeling like I needed to get another service or pay around half the cost of the physical disc to rent a film in good quality.

Theaters are opening up slowly now, but I think Ill continue to purchase the ones I really like on disc for those rainy days all the same.




Why not launch something like and just make that the central distribution channel for all things, food, meds, tools and whatever else the global society needs?


Amazon recently opened a distribution center in my old home town which made them one of the largest employers in the area overnight. The local leaders rolled over and gave Amazon every concession to get those jobs. I’ve avoided Amazon as much as possible for a long time, but now it is personal because they’ve brought their abusive warehouse jobs to community where I grew up.

Hopefully, if the federal anti-trust suits against Facebook, Google, Et al. go well Amazon will be next on the chopping block.

Instead of a government takeover of the company, I’d prefer to see it broken apart and the retail side of things reorganized from the bottom up as a coop. I think that would be the best possible outcome. There have been some pretty substantial unionization efforts within Amazon, I think that’s an important first step. The PRO Act greatly expands worker rights, and it recently passed the US House again. If the PRO Act passes the Senate it will give workers significantly better chances in their efforts to form strong unions. Then maybe an Amazon union can finally get off the ground.

Because they would still work for US military, which is the big daddy of groups like Al Qaeda.

What is libre culture?

Libre culture is all about empowering people. While the general philosophy stems greatly from the free software movement, libre culture is much broader and encompasses other aspects of culture such as music, movies, food, technology, etc.

Some beliefs include but aren’t limited to:

  • That copyright should expire after a certain period of time.
  • That knowledge should be available to people, not locked away.
  • That no entity should have unjust control or possession of others.
  • That mass surveillance is about mass control, not justice.
  • That we can all band together to help liberate each other.

Check out this link for more.


I’ve looked into the ways other forums handle rules, and I’ve distilled their policies down into two simple ideas.

  • Please show common courtesy: Let’s make this community one that people want to be a part of.

  • Please keep posts generally on topic

  • No NSFW content

  • When sharing a Libre project, please include the name of its license in the title. For example: “Project name and summary (GPL-3.0)”

Libre culture is a very very broad topic, and while it’s perfectly okay for a conversation to stray, I do ask that we keep things generally on topic.

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