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To watch videos, unfortunately there is no real alternative to YouTube, regarding the amount of offers of all kinds of content. But if we can avoid all its ads, trackers and fingerprints that it carries, using a front end that allows us access to all YouTube videos, without ads, strange things and restrictions. One of them is Cloud Tube, although it is still in beta, it offers us all the functionality (at the moment the only thing missing is the possibility of creating playlists) in a nice and configurable UI of good quality. Web


Freetube for desktop, Newpipe for android


Yes, but I don’t use the mobile for music, it’s only a cheap one (45€ Alcatel 1c with 1 Gb), I don’t need more. I use FT in desktop and CloudTube in my TV LG with WebOS, because in this OS there is no adblocker (YT without adblocker, something for masoquists) or the possibility of installing anything outside the Store, quite scarce. Bad decision of mine to buy LG, not knowing before the garbage that his OS is.

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