Which subreddit is this? Can’t you message the admins if the mods are shit? They already had experience with this kind of content in r/preteen_girls and r/jailbait as it seems. They didn’t (want to) learn.

Reddit is truly becoming the next shithole. I’m glad these things don’t fly here.


“child sexual abuse has “no place” in its community”, that is so dishonest and false it hurts. They KNOW there are subreddits like r/againsthatesubreddits that purposedly post this kind of content in other subs in order to get them banned. FRS, they hired a known child rapist-enabler and knew about it and even tried to hide it by cenauring! Reddit is becoming a truly shithole that’s better to avoid at all costs.


Sadly Lemmy has barely anything on it, so I can’t leave Reddit at the moment.

Two words. Aimee Challenor.

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